Saturday, August 9, 2014

I'll miss you, summer!

I'm mixing it up this week and doing my writer's workshop on Saturday. I have just had a crazy busy week! I was gone every evening. I'm glad to find some time to write a post today and relax. 

I can't say that summer is my favorite season. I prefer the weather of spring. I need the cool breeze. I don't like getting hot and sweaty right after I took a shower. My super pale skin does not appreciate the sun glaring down on it. Even when greased down with sunscreen, I always end up red. 

This summer has been the best one in a while though! The weather has been fabulous most of the time and I had a great summer job. 

Here are six things I will miss about summer: 

1. Swimming

My summer job involved swimming a lot. I absolutely love the water. I grew up with a pool and feel really relaxed while in water. I can of course still go swimming on the weekends sometimes, but the pool won't be as easily accessible or convenient. Also, weekends seem to be so busy already! 

2. Sleeping in

I didn't have to be at my summer job until 9 am. That means I was able to sleep until almost 8! This has really spoiled me. I know I will get into a routine again, getting up at 6 am. Yuck! After a few weeks, I'll be back to being unable to sleep in at all. My body gets used to the 6 am wake up time and even on weekends I'm up at 7:30-8 at the very latest. 

3. Staying up later 

This goes hand and hand with sleeping in, unfortunately. I need at minimum 7 hours of sleep or I'm cranky! I really like staying up later. However, that goes away when I know that alarm is set. I also take a really long time to fall asleep. During the school year, I find myself in bed around 9 at the latest just so I can fall asleep at a reasonable time. It makes me feel like I don't have any free time. 

4. Seeing movies 

Again, of course we will go see movies on evenings or weekends. I'm less likely to watch a movie during the week though, if I know I need to get to bed so I can wake up. Also, during the summer every Wednesday morning we went to the movies. Did I mention that my summer job spoiled me? 

5. Exploring St. Louis 

I did a lot of fun stuff in St. Louis this summer! It doesn't seem like there is time to plan days even on the weekends. It gets very rare that we spend the day out and exploring during the school year. Maybe we can make more time to do that this year. 

6. Saving gas 

My "regular" job is about a thirty minute drive, and that uses up some gas. I do actually like the longer drive. I love having time to decompress after the day on my way home. I would love if gas prices would magically drop though. 

Goodbye, summer. You will be missed! 

Mama’s Losin’ It

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