Saturday, February 8, 2014

Random Acts of Kindness - for Connor

We are just under a month away, from Connor's first birthday. I choose to call it his birthday, rather than other terms used.  I want to celebrate that he existed, not focus on him being gone. Mike and I have been thinking hard about what we want to do to honor Connor's first birthday. We will be planning something for the actual day, March 7. However, we have a request for all of our family and friends during the month leading up to his birthday. 

We would love it if you could find time to complete a random act of kindness, in honor of Connor. This doesn't have to be huge, or cost anything. We just want goodness to be spread, in his honor. 

It would be great if you could share your act with us. We have thought of multiple ways, for you to share: 

- Share a post on Facebook, using #connorscrew 
- Post on one of our Facebook pages, or tag us in a status
- Comment on this blog post 
- Private message us 
- Use the "contact me" form on this blog
- Text or call us 
- If you prefer, keep it a secret, we understand that some may feel weird about sharing a random act of kindness. 

One of the big reasons I'm asking the acts to be shared is that I would love to compile them in some way and print them out. I can then put them in Connor's memory box. Feel free, to share any images I have posted related to Connor or to share the link to his story, if you would like, with your act of kindness. 

Thank you so much, in advance, for helping us spread goodness in Connor's name. We have been so fortunate to have each and every one of you and your support over the past year. 


  1. I am happy to be planning a RAOK for Connor & will share it with you. thank you for asking.

  2. Done! So sorry for your loss. Wish I could just hug your neck. :(