Thursday, May 23, 2013

I can be crafty.

This is a Mama Kat's workshop topic, I picked: 
5.) Pinterest Inspired! Share something you pinned and actually tried.

 I am hanging in there to get this post in today! I woke up in the middle of the last night feeling not great. It has continued to get worse throughout the day. So, today I am going to have a blog post that is picture heavy. Mama Kat asked her followers to share some things they have done, which they found on Pinterest. 

I absolutely love doing crafts. In fact, a few friends and I have craft nights a few times a year. We search Pinterest and the internet looking for things we must have in our house immediately. We then attempt to make them. 

I don't have any while making them pictures, because this was before I started blogging. I want to share some of my success pictures. Not that I only have had successes, but I don't tend to allow there to be photographic evidence of my failures. We don't need to speak of the time I tried to make the Christmas centerpiece out of yarn and Elmer's glue. 

Here are some of the crafts that hang in my, or a family members, house. 

These hang over our bed. They are made from wooden letters wrapped in yarn. I just tucked the ends and wrapped around them to make them secure. I lucked out and found the "&" on sale ($5!) at Hobby Lobby. I staple gunned some ribbon on the letters to hang them on the wall. 

These key hooks are made from pages of a book. Now, if you are an avid reader as I am, you may be disgusted by the fact that I ripped pages from a book. I had read the book already, and had no plans of reading it again. I felt like I needed these in the house and was prepared to make the sacrifice. Now, if only I could get my husband to use his, so he'd stop losing his keys daily. 

These were made as a gift for my cousin's daughter. She saw the set hanging in my house one time and stated she wanted some too. I made hers very bright. I simply hot glued crayons, Crayola really are best for this (less waxy), to a canvas. Then, I took my hair dryer and kept the heat going until they melted how I liked. Beware if you attempt this the wax will splatter if you are not watching which direction you are blowing air. 

Last but not least, I made this a little before our wedding. I was very excited about the wedding and changing my name. I wanted something that represented our new family unit. First, I splattered the blank canvas with paints to fancy it up a bit. Then, I slowly but surely rolled magazine pages, using craft glue to keep the roll together. I then had traced out the "M" and went to cutting the magazine rolls to fit my tracing. When we moved, we couldn't really find a spot that we wanted this. It got given to my nephew (Matthew). He now enjoys it hanging in his room! 

If you would like to attempt any of these and want some tips, or have any questions, feel free to ask! I am more than willing to give more details. 

Mama’s Losin’ It


  1. I have key hooks in the kitchen, and my husband almost never hangs his keys there. Maybe if mine were cool like yours, however....

  2. Don't count on it! I am forever hearing do you know where my keys are? I usually have to respond with if only we had somewhere to put your keys to keep them safe! Ha ha

  3. Wow! So impressed that some of those crafts actually work! Very cool. I definitely need to try that crayon one. I pinned it a long time ago, but never bit the bullet. It looks cool!

    1. Yes! I want to try a more specific crayon melting sometime. At a craft fair, I saw where they used only green shade crayons and melted them, making certain lines longer. You can melt the lines again with the dryer to make them longer. They then flipped it upside down so it looked like grass and flower stems and glued fake flower heads to the top of the "stems". I think it would be adorable for a girl's room!