Friday, May 17, 2013

A Garden for Connor

Today, May 17, was Connor's due date. You can read about our loss of Connor here. Even though, I know that it doesn't mean he would have for sure been born yesterday, it was still a hard day. I took the day off work to allow myself to not have to "hold it in." 

We also planned on creating a memorial garden in his honor. I wanted to be able to put some sort of a positive spin on the day. We are so fortunate to have very supportive friends and family. Many people helped to make the garden very special. 

It started with the area we wanted to plant. The spot had absolutely nothing done with it before we moved in. It needed to be dug out first. I got to work. It was a great emotional release. It took me about an hour, but that pile of dirt was my trophy in the end. I was so proud of myself, and felt like I had already contributed a ton.


My nephew and brother-in-law digging the spots for the flowers. My nephew follows his dad's lead and is a very hard worker.

Another nephew was there to help as well. I am so blessed as an aunt, having five fantastic nephews! 

Connor's grandparents were there for moral support.

    We decided on a layout..

                     ..and started
                      spreading the 

The completed garden:

A close up of behind the ramp:

Special angels given
by two friends who
already loved Connor. 
Thank you so much ladies!

The stepping stone my parents ordered for the garden:

If you look close, you can see the little angel hanging over the stone. 
The heart says "You are so loved" on one side, and "CSM 3-7-13" on the other. 

In the end, I am extremely sore and tired. It was a very emotional day. I feel overwhelmed by how many people loved Connor dearly without ever knowing him. Thank you so much to my family, who generously paid for the garden and helped with the labor. Also, thank you to the friends who gave special items for the garden or came to help with the dirty work. It meant so much to us being surrounded by people who cared. I am so glad we decided to give ourselves something to focus on, on this hard day.


  1. The garden is beautiful! And a perfect tribute to your son. Sending you love!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous :-) What a wonderful way to remember your son.