Monday, August 4, 2014


This is a post that I did last July and fully intended on repeating it more often than over a year later! Here are some things that are going on in my life currently... 

Reading: I am reading a book that I love right now! The best is it is a sequel. That means I found a new author that I really enjoy! I believe it is part of a new series based around a main character, Brenna Spector. The author is Alison Gaylin. The first book I read was "And She Was." I read it for book club. The current book is "Into the Dark." These are both crime mysteries. The main character has a condition that causes her to have basically a photographic memory, but it is really much more than that. I highly recommend checking out this series and/or author. 

Listening to: My radio tastes go in cycles. Last time I did "Currently", I was really into public radio. Right now, I have been mostly listening to country music. I do enjoy listening to talk radio in the morning. I just don't feel ready for music right when I wake up.  

Feeling thankful:  I truly feel thankful for how many very caring and supportive people I am surrounded with in my life. I have many people I can reach out to if I am having a bad day. It is a real blessing to know that I have so many people who care about me. I hope that I give that feeling of caring back to them. 

Thinking about: I have been thinking about completely reorganizing our kitchen. I'm talking taking everything out of the cabinets and then putting them back in different spots. I have never readjusted things since we moved in. I feel like things could be in more functional places. I have been saying that I'm going to do this since last weekend. I need to get on it! 

Eating: Lots of fruits and veggies! Summertime is perfect for getting delicious fruits and veggies anywhere! It is my goal to get to a really big farmer's market that is nearby soon. I have been wanting to go there for years, but have never actually planned and went. I have been making tons of veggie heavy recipes and snacking on lots of sweet fruit. 


On my own- I've been watching Secret Life of an American Teenager... or something like that. The title is way too long! It is on Netflix and it is an easy watch to have on in the background. Super cheesy acting! It is almost just so bad that I can't stop watching. 
With Mike - We have been watching the second season of Orange is the New Black. We just finished getting caught up with Game of Thrones. 
I can't wait for Walking Dead to come back on though! 

Bummed out on: I'm really bummed that the summer is ending! I have been hanging out with an awesome girl this summer and watching her. I will still get to see her and her fantastic family throughout the school year, but I will miss seeing her every week!


Loving: My new quilt! I have done another blog post about it. This quilt makes me so happy! The colors are cheerful and it is so soft. I love snuggling up with it and watching some television before bed. It is my favorite bedding I have ever owned! 

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