Saturday, August 3, 2013

Mug Swap!

I just found something new via Life Rearranged. I am very excited about it! 

Mug Swap!

A mug swap! Yes, it is exactly what it sounds like. You sign up to send and receive a single mug! Something you may not know about me is I love finding strange/unique mugs. I used to have a ton of them. I mean whole crates waiting for when I had a house. Then, when I got a house, I realized:

1. I don't need 50 mugs for two people.
2. I don't want to waste the cabinet space, because I'm an organized freak. 

So, I recirculated the mugs back out into the world by donating them to thrift stores. It made me sad, but we chose a few of our favorites to keep before setting them free. 

Okay, six cute mugs. That's a good ratio out of 50 though! 

The idea of getting a random mug in the mail is very exciting! I hope the person searches for a special mug, but any mug would be "special", because this is my first mug swap! My mind is running wild with ideas on how to supply the person I'm given with a great mug. 

  • Should I make the mug (sharpie style) like I've seen done on Pinterest?
  • Should I spend the next few weeks stopping at every thrift store I see? 
  • Should I scour Walmart and Target, etc, to see if I find a really neat mug? 
  • Should I choose my very favorite mug that I own and send it, lovingly, to a new home? 

Tough decision to make. 

If you are as excited about this idea as I am, click that button up there, or visit A Cuppa Kim to sign up!

I did: 


  1. SO cute!!! :) I love your happy little collection! It will be awesome to see it grow! :)

    So glad you signed up - and can't wait to see what you decide to do!

    1. Thanks for starting this! I got my assignment today and am so excited to try to learn more about the person and pick a perfect mug!