Friday, May 3, 2013

My First Insta Friday!

I am very excited about Insta Friday! I love having a place to share the random photos I take throughout the week. I hope this also inspires me to take more pictures as I go about life, as I have been majorly slacking lately. 

 My parents came to visit. Ella decided she needed to give "grandpa" hugs and kisses!

 Ella's first walk on the Gentle Leader. The best $10 we have spent on this dog.
Review coming soon!

 One of my five nephews showing off his quirky personality.

 Mike and my wedding anniversary was earlier this month.
We celebrated by going out of town and staying at a lodge overnight.

Walking around a sculpture park that is about 20 minutes from our home.

An impromptu craft night with a few of the nephews. 

 We moved into our house in the late fall. We have been pleasantly surprised by the trees on our property. They have all been so pretty once they bloomed. I think the twisty tree is very neat!

My parents bought us some things to put in the memorial garden we are planting for Connor.
I will post more about Connor and the memorial garden soon.

life rearranged

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